One of the main goals we have at ISA is to give our players the exposure to be seen and noticed, and ultimately have a chance to get offered a scholarship to a college or university.

The first couple of months of the school year, we have several NCAA D1 coaches at our practice facility, where they have a chance to see our players perform. Coaches often spend a full day, and they can see all of our players, on and off the court. This unique setting allows the player to show his best qualities and also interact with coaches.

Through the season, we compete on the highest level, in the most competitive conferences in the states, which attracts a lot of attention from scouts, coaches and the rest of the basketball world.

Our mission doesn’t stop at the end of the season. We continue to reach out to coaches as well as allow our boys to compete in various AAU circuits. We have connected with 6th Boro team from NYC, and compete in the Marquee hoops circuit, one of the best in the country. Dimitris Sklavenitis has been leading the charge.

For some, it’s a chance to get interests or offers, while for others, this period is the time to make big decisions. Three of our main players Tunde Fassasi Vahlberg, Nikola Djapa and Vladimir Pavlovic all have multiple offers, they are all close to making that decision that could define their future.

We will keep you informed. Stay tuned

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