The first ever ISA All Star Game event took place last weekend, on the 6th of May. The main goals of the event was to bring the community together, fundraise donations for the local Youth Centre and of course allow our boys to have fun showcasing their skills.

With around 200 people cheering on the boys perform, we consider our first ASG event a success. Many people from our local community came with their families to show support. Local businesses sponsored with gift cards, that lucky fans had a chance of winning.

Donations were collected at entry, and were given optionally. With each donation, the spectator would receive a number. Numbers were pulled out of a hat at time outs and between events. The numbers pulled were given various fun challenges and competitions, when completed, they would get prizes.

The event started with 3pt contest. Some of the best shooters in NEPSAC come from our program, but the amazing sharpshooter from Russia, Mikhail Monakhov completely took over the show and dominated in the final round. The All Star Game players were presented and the the first half took off. Deep threes, ball handling tricks and dunks were exhibited in a friendly but competitive game. At half time, the stage was set for our dunk off. It all came down between two players, but Kani Topuz, the Turkish prodigy, had more tricks in his bag and was a real showstopper. The second half continues, and Team Red, led by ASG MVP Nemanja Sarenac who had 23 points, won the game.

You can see highlights from the game here and/or check the dunk off highlight here.

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