Another school year came to an end. We have seen boys grow into young men, we have watched formidable bonds being created, and we have witnessed memories being made.

Every year has its own challenges and stories. Each one is special on its own way. So was this year. Among many students, one was with us for the past five years. He came as a grade 8 student, and graduating this year and we have witnessed and participated in his personal growth and are now very proud to see him move forward to his next endeavor.

As in every year, we see our players bond through basketball, create friendship that will last for a long time and will also influence their lives. We have seen players come from different parts of the world and help and challenge each other. Those bonds are what makes ISA a big family.

From the ups and downs on the court, to all the good and bad off court, all will be stored into memories that will stay in the heart and mind, and always will fun to revisit.

To all of our students that will be opening a new chapter in their lives and move forward, we wish all the luck and success. To continue to live life through their virtues. To all of those coming back, see you in a couple of months.


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